Coping with COVID-19
June 03, 2020 11:02 AM

Survey Mechanics has recently conducted a survey to find out how people are feeling about work during the lockdown, how it's affecting businesses, and whether people are more inclined to support local business during and after the lockdown.

The survey indicates that two thirds of businesses have been affected adversely.

Businesses have adapted to working from home where possible, with varying degrees of productivity. While over 30% of home workers believe they are at least or even more productive, 45%  of business managers believe productivity is down. Two thirds of those working from home miss interaction with colleagues and find working from home more distracting, or have problems with IT and internet...

Should I make questions compulsory?
January 06, 2017 8:36 AM

There’s a lot to be said for requiring questions – gathering a good sample for your survey can be difficult and expensive, and it’s frustrating if you think you’ve got the required number of responses, only to find that some have not answered all your questions.

Also, in many cases, a questionnaire will be checking the suitability or otherwise of the respondent – for example, it may be working to quotas, or it may be necessary to screen out people for certain parameters (e.g. age, gender, occupation, etc). In these cases, then obviously the relevant questions should be mandatory, otherwise your survey might be skewed.

However, there are downsides to making questions compulsory. There are many, many instances of surveys we have seen...