Automatic Analysis

Survey Mechanics' Automatic Analysis Engine makes analysis of your survey simple.

You don't need to be an expert with spreadsheets, specialist analysis software or even be educated in statistics to identify the important associations in your survey data. Survey Mechanics does it for you!

Once your survey is complete, our Automatic Analysis Engine will analyse your survey results and report back to you with any statistically significant results. It will identify particular trends in your data and most importantly, will highlight differences in answers between different groups of respondents.

How does it do this? Very simply, our Automatic Analysis Engine looks at all the results in your survey, comparing one question at a time with the results for every other question, and will highlight where there is a statistically significant relationship* with other data in the survey. So for example, it may spot that more people in a certain age group will display certain types of behaviour - whether that's the technology they use, where they live, how they shop and so forth.

Thus, you can relax at the end of your survey, knowing that if there are any important relationships in the data, the Automatic Analysis Engine will find them for you. Alternatively, you may wish to interrogate your survey one question at a time, in which case, just specify the question you're interested in and the Automatic Analysis Engine will identify any meaningful results.

* The Automatic Analysis Engine calculates whether relationships between data are significant at a 95% confidence level, and will highlight any relationships that are statistically significance, based on the smaller group of data in each case. Automatic Analysis Engine is available on our Standard, Corporate and Professional versions, and on a pay per use basis on our Free version.